ATS Volare. The whole enchilada.

We provide airplane + engine. You fly. Simple.


ATS Volare represents a commitment to the agricultural aviation industry unmatched by any other engine repair station in the world.

Our company has deep roots in AGR aviation, and we currently provide engine MRO services to some of the most established and utilized agricultural fleets in the industry.

Building on that level of service, we now offer complete Thrush and Air Tractor platforms for term lease or loan to select operators.

We don’t charge phantom airframe or engine reserves and we won’t try to sell you on smart sounding bait and switch programs. We provide and you fly. Period.

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Our platform rental agreements allow operators to:

  • Effectively flat line a large portion of their operating expense
  • Retain or allocate working capital to other projects to grow their business
  • Accommodate long or short-term spray contracts and commitments
  • Only be responsible for engine and airframe line maintenance
  • Bypass the expense of scheduled maintenance events (HSI, OVH, AF Annuals)
  • Access to ATS loaner engines for unscheduled engine maintenance events
  • Dedicated engine support and training from a FAA/EASA accredited repair station