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PT6A-65AR, PT6A-65B, PT6A-65R | PCE 32529

ATS is an active leader in the purchase, sale, and exchange of PT6A-65AR | PT6A-65B | PT6A-65R engines worldwide. We maintain one of the largest replacement engine inventories in the industry and have the capability to quickly and fairly evaluate your core or mid-time PT6A-65AR | PT6A-65B | PT6A-65R engine for exchange credit or outright purchase.

We offer domestic and international short to long term financing solutions to qualified companies and individuals.

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Sold: Contact ATS for Alternate

Model(s): PT6A-65AR | PT6A-65B | PT6A-65R Status: Sold PCE: 32529 TSN 19,821
TSO 0 CSN 28,703 CSO 0 HSI 0

Life Limited Part (LLP) Listing for PT6A-65AR | PT6A-65B | PT6A-65R Engines

Rotor P/N Cycles Remaining
Hub, 1st Stage 3037101 24,000
Disk, 2nd Stage 3036802 8,129
Disk, 3rd Stage 3036803 8,129
Disk, 4th Stage 3036804 11,512
Impeller 3037204 15,749
CT Disk 3040311 2,667
PT Disk, 1st Stage 3029312 22,034
PT Disk, 2nd Stage 3029313 22,034

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